The Coffee Roasting Company designs, installs and maintains state-of-the-art roasting solutions for the premier roasteries of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

We create high-end boutique set-ups with unprecedented levels of control for the leading artisan roasters – and we deliver cost-effective industrial-scale roasting plants, reliably producing many tons of beans every hour.

All our roasting solutions, no matter their size, are based on the same commitment to excellence. Combining technical expertise with a passion for the finished cup our master roasters and engineers help you achieve continuous roasting perfection and let each bean blossom to its fullest after your desired flavour profile.

The warm heart in each of our roasting solutions is a Loring Roaster. We are proud to have represented the company ever since their first introduction to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. And even after so many years we remain quietly amazed at at the unmatched efficiency and versatility of this marvelous machine.

We invite you to try this for yourself. Contact Torsten Hvas int+45 26132334 th@thefactorycoffee.eu to make an appointment for a full day introduction, where you can try a Loring Roaster with your own beans together with one of Europe’s leading coffee roasters.

Choosing your roasting system

The Coffee Roasting Company have decades of experience designing roasting solutions.  Our roasters and technicians have helped hundreds and hundreds of corner shop roasters and full-scale factories achieve their quality goals, every day, every hour.


We help you choose the right solution, no matter if it is just a single roaster  or fully integrated production lines. Every solution is based on an extensive analysis of your needs and wants, together with an extensive workshop live-testing the set-up with your beans on our machines.

Even if you only plan for one small shop, we can help you find a cost-effective solution. And when you feel the need to expand, you will be pleased to discover that all our solutions are fully scalable, allowing you to increase your output retaining the dedication to quality, that was the reason for you growing in the first place.


We do not provide financing to our customers ourselves, but we can facilitate contact to our trusted financing partners on their behalf, and provide the necessary documentation.

Installing your roasting system

Loring’s own technicians will install the roaster on your location according to our detailed specifications, and perform a multi-day testing of the set-up. As part of your purchase price you receive two full days of service with our certified technicians and roasters.

Service and innovation

Our certified technicians and roasters are reachable by e-mail or telephone, and this way we are able to resolve most issues quickly with almost no down time for our clients.

We of course offer expedient service location thoughout our region, but in some circumstances our diagnosis software allows us to resolve whatever issue you might have remotely. We remain in constant communication with or clients across the region and we constantly share and exchange user experiences, insights and innovations with the Loring Company and among the community of passionate artisan roasters.